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Here are some questions that have been asked through meetings and emails. We have provided the answers below and hope it helps. If you do not see your question feel free to email so we can get it answered and added to this site.


Q. What are Tryouts for the Spring and Fall Season?

A. Tryouts are conducted for 7-18 Year Olds every child that registers will be placed on a team. They are really ability test so we can rate each player for the draft. Remember the 4-6 year olds do not tryout but still do the uniform fitting in the spring. Times for all tryouts and uniform fitting are in the confirmation email sent to you when you register online and will be put out again closer to tryouts.


Q. What equipment will my child need to play?

A. Glove, Helmet (Face mask are optional), Cleats (rubber cleats for 4-12 and metal or rubber cleats for 13-18)  and Bat CLICK HERE for Dixie Youth Baseball bat rules.


Q. Are Birth Certificates Required?

A. Yes this year each coach will need to see a copy of each players birth certificate at the first practice to verify age. After this year only new players coming into the league will need to provide a copy of their birth certificate.


Q. Can my child play up or down in a age group?

A. No it is our policy that no child plays out of their age group.


Q. Boundaries

A. Our boundaries cover Forrest, Perry, Greene and part of Jones (up to exit 80). Players are not authorized to play outside their boundaries. The only waiver is if a child goes to school in one of these areas but does not live within the boundaries.


Q. Game Times and Game Days?

A. We try to keep our games to weekday (excluding Wednesday) there will be one Saturday Makeup Day for Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth. Game times depend on age groups but the first game time for all ages will be 6PM.


Q. What do players bat from in the following ages?


4-5 Coach Pitch and Tee (NEW!!)

6- Pitching Machine and Tee

7-8 Pitching Machine

9-18 Player Pitcher


Q. Uniforms?

A. In the Spring the uniform cost is NOT covered in the registration fee it will be paid separately to the Vendor, in the Fall uniforms are provided by the league and IS covered in the registration fee.


Q. What are the two different Complexes PBA will play at in Petal?

A. Complex A is directly behind the YMCA it has a T-Ball Complex for 4-6 year olds and two baseball fields for 13-18 year olds. Complex B is the new 4 plex behind the skate park it has 4 fields for 7-12 year olds.


Q. What are PBA's local league rules?

A. CLICK HERE to see PBA's local league rules for the entire program and by age group.


Q. What if I have entered my Child's birthday in the system incorrectly?

A. It is locked and the can correct it.


Q. How are the coaches selected.

A. All coaches must complete the coaching application online for each season. PBA will conduct a background check of each coach. The PBA board and the Commissioners of each age group will select the Head Coaches that we think will do the best job. Head Coaches will select their assistant coaches as long as they have completed the coaching application.


Q. What is the Bleacher Club?

A. The Bleacher Club is PBA's Booster Club. It has an annual $20 membership, its members will coordinate and run all fund raisers for PBA to include parent shirts. All monies earned of membership and fund raisers will be put back into the program for equipment, field upgrades etc.


Q. End of Season Tournaments?

A. There will be a End of Season Tournament for every season for 6-18 Year Olds. There will be admission to these tournaments to cover the cost and to raise money for future projects.


Q. Where can I see important dates for the upcoming season?

A. Go to our events calendar tab or CLICK HERE to view the calendar.


Q. How do I register online?

A. You can online and its easy just CLICK HERE to begin the process.