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PSA Sponsorship

We are now renewing old sponsors and looking at new sponsors for the 2019 Year. We now have the option to fill out this information online. Click on the sport you are interested in sponsoring for the online form.  

***All Sponsors will be advertised on the Petal Sports Association Web page*** 

Baseball and Softball Spring Sponsorship 

Base Hit: $150

A 4x6 Full Color sign that will be hung on the outfield Fence for the entire season.

Double: $400

 Team jersey with business name and logo for the entire season. 

Triple: $500

 A 4x6 Sign that will be hung on the outfield Fence for the entire season.

Team jersey with business name and logo for the entire season.

Homerun: Depends on size of field and availability

(If interested in Homerun Sponsorship contact office)

1. 4 Year Contract

2. Sign on Center Field

3. Field will be named for Business on website etc.

4. Also includes a Free Team Sponsorship (Double Sponsorship) 

**If you are a New Sponsor and your packages has a sign there will be a one time Fee of $150 to print the sign.** 


****Please call the office to verify we received your online form before pay online***

If you have any questions Contact Shannon at admin@petalsportsassociation.com or 601-402-7299

Thanks for your support of our programs!!